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At until 2014 I worked with a team to bring you the Northwest independant news. I gave the features and ads visual impact to attract maximum viewer ratings. I design for variety yet co-ordinate all by essential unity - click here to read the current web edition. And every Wednesday I put the cream of the news into print - click here to read the current printed edition


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As a wikipedia editor I have assembled a number of pages. In September 2011 the wiki community awarded me a "Barnstar" for completing the construction of my page wiki/Craven.

One has to write it in Wikisyntax
Millstone grit topsoil below {{convert|275|m|ft|abbr=on|0}} has a [[soil ph]] that is almost neutral, ph 6 to 7, and so grows good grazing. But above {{convert|275|m|ft|abbr=on|0}} it is acidic, ph 2 to 4, and so can grow only [[bracken]], [[Ericaceae|heather]], [[sphagnum]], and coarse grasses<ref >{{cite book |title=The Yorkshire Dales: South and West|last=Kelsall|first= Dennis |coauthors=Jan Kelsall |year=2008 |publisher=Cicerone |location= Milnthorpe |isbn=978-1-85284-45-1}}{{rp|26}}</ref>.

Also I design and produce banners and buttons for every kind of client